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Character's Name: Georgia "George" Carolyn Mason
Character's Fandom: The Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant

Character's Home Universe: Picture modern Earth. Now picture terrorists stealing an experimental viral cold cure, and releasing it, where it interacts with a viral cancer cure to cure the common cold AND cancer... but also make zombies out of any mammal above 40 lbs. who dies with it in their system or comes into contact with 'active' viral material, by, say, zombie blood. Now picture the future several decades after the Rising, where life has gone on, but people are justifiably paranoid about zombies, which haven't gone away.

(I would think it would be interesting if the conspiracy George and friends discovered (money being funneled away from research to cure the zombie plague and promoting tactics that keep people fearfully willing to give up freedom to protect themselves against the zombie horde) was secretly being funded by the Fay'lia, either to make it easier to conquer a world where people were tightly concentrated and/or to use treatment/cure as a 'carrot' to ease the conquest.)
Canon Point you're taking him/her/it from: During the climax of the novel, right before Georgia gets infected by active Kellis-Amberlee virus and her brother is forced to shoot her in the head to prevent her from becoming a zombie.
Method of Arrival on Station: Pod
Physical Appearance: George is white with dark hair, worn short and occasionally (accidentally) bleached orange-blond, which she usually quickly corrects. She has brown eyes, but they are permanently dilated, making them look black and without iris. She had an awful pair of coneflower-blue-irised contacts, which she wore only under protest and were designed to look really fake -- normally she wears dark glasses to protect her eyes and look inscrutably badass.

She normally dresses very functionally, and avoids loose clothing and anything that can't stand up to her active life. Should she end up doing fieldwork, she'll probably insist on at least a leather jacket and tough pants, and possibly body armor. is a post where her author commissioned art. George is the one on the right of the blonde at the desk, and below the superhero with bunny ears.
Personality: Growing up in the spotlight lead to Georgia crafting a public persona for herself.  She plays the stoic reporter, masking her expression behind her characteristic shades.  She presents herself as a very business-like person, who is interested in just the facts.  She doesn't compromise for the sake of politeness, or only rarely -- when Senator Ryman asked her to minimize her inclusion of his wife, she agreed, but mostly because wide coverage of his wife's horse-breeding could make her and the kids targets for extremists.    Georgia admits that only one thing means more to her than the truth (and that's her brother), but she considers gossip and muckracking a low form of drumming up ratings, even true gossip.  Gerogia is much more interested in unraveling conspiracies and giving a voice to the voiceless. 

She does have a softer side, which only her friends and brother see.  Georgia is asexual and uninterested in romantic relationships, and is only really affectionate with her brother.  (She once did a search of media photos versus family photos of her and her parents, and noted that all of the photos of her and her mother hugging were for the press.  It soured her on affection from people who aren't seeking attention.)  Most of her close friends are online, but she's quite comfortable with long-distance relationships. 
Georgia is an atheist, but she does idealize the Truth.  Most of her heroes were journalists, especially ones who spoke truth to power or exposed the corruption of the system.  She was willing to risk her own life for the Truth, and died defending it.  Georgia honestly believes that knowledge is the ultimate weapon against fear -- once people know the truth, they won't be afraid.  While familair enough about politics to be cynical, Georgia retains this one streak of idealism. 
Abilities and Skills: George makes a living as a 'Newsie', a newsblogger who serves a lot like an independent field corespondent. She and her brother run a widely-read blog site. She's a skilled writer and manager, and very well-read on things like biology, history, politics and current events. She knows enough about computers, cameras and microphones (often miniaturized) to use them comfortably, though she wasn't the site's tech person. Also, given her field work often involves running from zombies, she can drive a motorcycle and shoot a gun and is overall used to being in a situation where things are trying to kill her.

Georgia suffers from an eye disorder called retinal Kellis-Amberlee syndrome. While the side effects aren't too nice -- George is extremely sensitive to light due to permanently dilated pupils, which gives her a risk of going blind AND regular migraine headaches -- she also has excellent night vision and eyes that are hard to irritate by dust.

There's also the fact if you kill Georgia without damaging her central nervous system, she'll end up as a mindless undead out to eat and/or zombify you. Which really stinks for Georgia, since she's still dead, but won't be fun for her killer or anyone in the area.
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